Our Designers

Behind a beautiful project, there is always an excellent designer.
Our kitchens are “MADE IN ITALY” and that is why we have chosen some of the best designers of our Country, to represent our style. Thank to our designers’ ideas, each individual collection has a different soul, this is one of the reasons why we are so proud of the variety of our collections.



Founded in 1995 and located in Pesaro, Studio Bizzarri Design rests on the long journey in the world of interior design and architecture of its founders, Stefano Bizzarri and Claudio Cinti. Their stated goal is to give a new spin to industrial and interior design projects.
In the same years, they started projects in collaboration with several companies and their first collections of fashion items and furniture, both for custom homes and for multi-unit projects.
After the creation of the collections Mediterraneo and Biarritz for the same company, Bizzarri Studio served as Artistic Director for Gasparucci Srl, a local manufacturer specialized in home furniture, from 1996 to 1999. Their activity here included the design of showrooms and booths in Italy and abroad and the coordination of the business concept.
In 1999, Bizzarri Design takes the Artistic Direction of Ideal Marmi Italia, coordinating a restyling process of the whole company: from research and development of new products, this process led to the definition of a new corporate identity, to the upgrading of the company imagine and to the takeover of new market segments.

Over the years many prestigious collaborations (Gasparucci Contract, Pedini, I Conci srl – Cattelan, Gardesa, Edilcuoghi, Cotto Impruneta, Palazzetti and Karman, just to name a few) strengthened the experience of Bizzarri Design and gave rise to a wide range of products, mainly in the field of furniture. In recent years, the company also actively designed showrooms, villas and hotels, in Italy, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia and Eastern Europe.
Thanks to the experiences working with these materials, the Studio has gained a special know-how on the handling of rattan, wicker, wood, stone, different kind of metals, glass and porcelain.
In their view, today’s interior design and architecture should focus on the exaltation of physical features of different materials – together with the possibility to integrate them – in order to create balanced solutions with innovative content.



Roberto Lazzeroni was born in Pisa (Tuscany), and Firenze is where he studies Art and Architecture. During his professional training he had been influenced by conceptual art and radical design.
In the early 80’s he starts his career with several works of interior architecture that were noticed and published by first-class magazines, both in Italy and abroad.
Interior Architecture, in his view, had been a necessary discipline, a “training field” were to make different experiences on materials, on techniques, on different issues regarding the home space. It had been a fundamental experience to prepare him to the following introduction to product design.

A fine connoisseur of history of design and its symbols, Lazzeroni has developed a very distinctive style, which he calls “sentimental design”. It is easy, even for an untrained eye, to perceive the tension between past and future that lives in each of his works. Without ostentation of industrial geometries and aesthetical frivolities, his design collocates objects inside a history, a tradition, an autobiographic or collective memory. His understanding of design led him to specialize in the creation of brand-new concepts. From 1988 he collaborates with Ceccotti Collezioni and – more recently – he has been developing projects with different furniture companies. With an extremely dynamic professional career, Roberto Lazzeroni is now engaged with several projects, partnership with important brands, art directions, home and multi-unit projects all over the world.



Piergiorgio Cazzaniga was born in 1946. From 1964 to 1966 he had been Technical Department Manager at Besana Mobili, where he acquired direct experience on industrial production cycles and techniques for furniture.
In 1971 he became a partner at Bottura, Massoni and Pellizza Studio (formerly known as “A&D”). Together with Luigi Massoni he designed several products, stands, showrooms and exhibitions for some of the most important Italian clients like Poltrona Frau, Nazareno Gabrielli, Iter Selenova, Cadel, Porro, Matteograssi.
In 1991 he established his own studio, “Piergiorgio Cazzaniga Design”, in Lentate sul Seveso, collaborating with (among others): Porro, Composit, Atlantis, Living Divani, Liv’it, Dema, Tagliabue, Acerbis International, MDF Italia, La Palma and Tribù.

In 1995, with his project “Mariposa” he wins the “Chair of the Year” award at the “International Chair Exhibition” and the “Jury Award” at BIO 15 in Lubjana.
In 2001 (with “Bloom” for Living Divani) and in 2004 (with “M1” and “Lofty” for MDF Italia) he is selected for I-Dot.
In 2004 his armchair “Lips” wins the “Good Design Award” of the Chicago Atheneaum of Design.
With the furniture system “Inside” (“Best System Category”, 2006) and the sofa system “BORA BORA” (“Nomination”, 2008) he receives important awards at the “Interior Innovation Award” in Cologne.
Among his most recent works are “MAXIMA” and “FREE” for Composit; the outdoor seats collection “ESSENTIEL” for Tribù; the seats collection “SIGN” and table system “TENSE” for MDF Italia.



Liliana Leone and Luca Mazzarri graduated in architecture in Genoa, Italy, where they currently live and work.
In 1988 their design workshop “Archifax architect associates” was established, and they started to collaborate with some of the most famous furniture companies, focusing on design and interior decoration of public spaces, as well as on their advertising.
Thery worked for premium brand like Move, Berloni, La Falegnami, Ciat, Fimes, Laurameroni, Nardi, Composit, Lema, Ferlea, Novamobili, Snaidero (for which they designed, for example, the Los Angeles showroom).
They have been working on the design of stands and production spaces in the main design tradeshows, like Eurocucine in Milan and those in Paris, Colonia and Moskov.

In 1995, during the International competition “Young and Design”, organized by the Eurocucine in Milan, they have been awarded with special mention for their project of the bed “Altomare” by Firmes. In 1998 they were invited to the First Design Biennal in Sant’Etienne, showing some prototypes containers and bed designed for “La Falegnami”.
In 2004 they won the call for ideas for the reshaping of the chair “Chiavarina” and in 2006, with the “Led Runner” lamp, the call for ideas announced by the Belgian company “Deltalight” for a new concept of Led illuminating body.
They teach at the Department of Architecture at the University of Genoa, where they hold classes about design and communication.



Born in 1970, he graduated in Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano in 1997. Between 1998 and 2004, two successful professional experiences lead him to delve into Industrial and Interior Design, studying new methods and different approaches to design.
In 2005 he establishes his own Studio in Lissone (Milan), to focus his activity on Industrial Design, Communication and Architecture. Many are his creations with a special inclination for the design of upholstery system; he designed collections for some of the best companies of the Italian furniture design.

He collaborates with SpHaus; Ivano Redaelli (for whom he designs several products of great success); Gruppo Industriale Busnelli (where he contributed to the revamping of this historical brand with a continuative consulting on the product). He has been working in the artistic direction of Dorelan for several years, and he also currently collaborates with Orizzonti, Alivar, Alf Da Frè, Calligaris, Cinova, Meme Design and My Home Collection.